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The car is not right, it's hard to walk ten thousand miles.

Q: Recently, tire wear has been seriously worn on one side. The car is Ying long. Is it the four round of wrong positioning of the vehicle?

A: four wheel alignment will not cause tire abnormal wear, but may repair tire abnormal wear. Now we understand the role of the next four rounds of positioning, the general need to do the four round of positioning, and the inaccuracy of the four round of positioning.

The role of four wheel positioning.

1, protect the tire four wheel positioning can make the tire and car body maintain the best angle, improve the grip, ensure comfort. The price of tires is not cheap. If you don't care for the tyres, you will lose a lot. 2 improve the handling performance of the tire to ensure a normal state, and contribute to driving safety and stability. Especially in case of emergency, the tire maintains sufficient grip to control the track according to the driving intention as far as possible.

In general, four rounds of positioning need to be done.

1. Abnormal wear ("eating" or "nibbling") occurs when the tire is inspecting the tire, which requires four rounds of positioning at this time. 2 running vehicles in the normal direction of the steering wheel, but the vehicle to the left or right to the right, that means that the vehicle appears to run off the fault phenomenon, this time needs to do the next four rounds of positioning. The 3 steering wheel is not correct, such as the normal driving is the steering wheel is not correct, the steering wheel can not be automatically back in the turn, the direction of turning when turning hard, changing the vehicle direction machine assembly and other conditions also need to do the next four rounds of positioning to adjust.

In addition, it is suggested that vehicles with more kilometers and longer service life can make the next four rounds of positioning.

The undesirable consequences of the inaccurate positioning of the four wheel.

Four wheel alignment is not accurate, it will cause excessive wear of vehicle chassis system. In addition, it will accelerate tire wear and even burst due to eccentric wear. One more point: the vehicle runs off. The steering wheel is shaking or heavy, increasing the probability of traffic accidents.

Therefore, it is suggested that regular inspection of the four wheel positioning data of the vehicle can effectively prevent the vehicle from running away and the tire abnormal wear.

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