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We are a family owned textile manufacturer, providing top quality bed linen,comforters,comforter sets,quilts,quilt sets,table wears,curtains,microfiber fabric,cotton fabric,cushions and other related supplies for household use and hospitality industry

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Bedding (bed linen)

Bedding (bed linen) is the main and the most regular item of our company. As one of our specials, this item covers a wide range of products, like, 3-piece sheet set, 4-piece sheet set, comforters, comforter sets, quilts, quilt sets and other stuff like these. The bedding products are made of either polyester in different weight of GSM or cotton in various construction and density. There are thousands of design selections for you to pick. Surely we as well go with customized artwork to have your goods tailor made. With the bedding of “Qingdao Rosy Future Home Textile Co.,Ltd” , we’re gonna make your home a “ROSY FUTURE” !

Table wear for hospitality

Table wear for household use

Fabric for bed linen(fashion bedding)

Cushion(cushion cover)

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Bedding (bed linen)

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