Instructions to Write a Robust Topic – Guide 2022

It is observed that many students often get afraid of the term 'topic sentence', and believe that it is a complex thing. The topic sentence might sound horrible but it is not. they are pretty useful while writing an essay. Topic sentences are an important part of any essay. A topic sentence is the first line of a paragraph and signifies what the writer is going to address in the subsequent paragraph.  


As it is a strong convention that only one idea is discussed in one paragraph, therefore, every paragraph has a unique topic sentence. Topic sentences set the tone for the paragraphs. They are useful in many regards, especially, when the subtopics within an essay are changing with every paragraph. In such a scenario, topic sentences help create a better understanding on the behalf of the reader.


When I started my career as an essay writer, I got a lot of requests to write my essay, a good thesis statement was always a difficult task for me. However, with time, when I got myself experience and put in some hard work, thesis statements were not a problem for me.


The purpose of writing a topic sentence is simple, as it appears. However, a well-constructed topic sentence is useful to achieve many things. A good topic sentence creates coherence among other paragraphs and ensures a smooth flow of the reading. It becomes weird, sometimes, when there are many subtopics within an essay. The readers feel bumpy when shifting from one paragraph to another. In this regard, a well-written topic sentence can provide smoothness in the reading.


Topic sentences are written differently in different types of essays. for instance, in a persuasive essay, and argumentative essay, the topic sentences is more opinion-oriented. In these types of essays, the topic sentences are based on some opinion along with a broad argument that is going to be addressed in the following paragraph. You can ask any essay writer online to write my essay and he will be happy to serve you.


It is fair to say, at this stage, that a thesis statement is a prerequisite for the topic sentence. However, I have experienced that many students struggle with the thesis statement. When the thesis statement is ready, the next step is to write the first topic sentence for the first body paragraph. The key point here is to understand that topic sentences are written in a way that supports the claim, presented in the thesis statement.


This might look like a difficult task because it is technical. you can always take help from a professional essay writing service, and ask them to write an essay for me they can make your effort worth it. As everybody paragraph is written to support a stance. This stance is visible in the thesis statement that you have provided at the end of your introduction. Hence, the topic sentence present in every paragraph should emphasize the thesis statement.


In the case of argumentative essays, for instance, the topic sentences are always based on the main opinion. The stance that is taken on the topic, and is represented in the thesis statement. Similarly, the topic sentences help prove your stance. For instance, let's take the case of an argumentative topic like abortion, or gun rights in the US, and you are required to write an essay on it. The first thing that you should do is to develop your stance, based on your study.


For instance, an example of your thesis statement can be, ‘Abortion is the right of the women, because, otherwise, it is an obstacle to the liberty of women.’ This thesis statement clearly states a stance and an argument. The following body paragraphs will be written to support your claim. For instance, a topic sentence can be, 'A woman should get to decide about her womb, and not the state because it is a matter of health and life for her.' This topic sentence is in line with the main stance that you have chosen to prove. This topic sentence gives an idea to the reader that what they are going to read in the subsequent paragraph. The above-mentioned topic sentence clearly states the argument and the tone as well for the related paragraph.


When I look at an essay writer, I do a lot of research firsthand. After a brief research, you have decided that weather you are against abortion or in the favor of it. You will then present your stance in the thesis statement along with the main argument that you will provide in the essay to support the claim.


Topic sentences, in a nutshell, are one of the most important aspects of an essay. They are written to establish for the reader what they should expect for the particular paragraph. Topic sentences are written, usually, at the start of every paragraph, and present a unique concept that the writer is going to discuss throughout the paragraph. Topic sentences provide coherence and flow in the writing. Often, in some essays where there are multiple subtopics within one essay, the topic sentences provide a smooth transition of concepts. The reader finds it convenient to read if the topic sentences are written smartly.


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