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Do you have any problems like getting locked out

of your car or maybe you find your door lock not secure enough? Do you want

someone to change these defective locks for you? Well, Lucky Locksmith is ready

to rescue you 24/7. Located in Ballwin, St Louis, our service is guaranteed to

do the job done efficiently. Contact us!

Can’t get to your car because you are locked out

and your stuff are all inside? Who would you call at the middle of the night

for this type of problem? Good thing Lucky Locksmith is always ready to answer

your phone anytime! Located in St Charles, we always make sure you’d be

satisfied with our work. 

Did your ignition eat your keys and won’t spit it

out again? Maybe it did happen to you many times and you want to finally have

them replaced? You need to a locksmith ASAP. At Lucky Locksmith we always make

sure we cater to the needs of our customers 24/7. We have different kinds of

services. Visit us! We are located at St Peters, Mo.

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