Mistakes Students Make in Connecting the Thesis Statements of Essays


A reader can easily navigate the main topics of an essay if the writer provides a clear thesis sentence. It is indeed the most important part of an essay. This is because sometimes readers view only the thesis statement to have an idea about the essay.


Once a clear and easily understandable thesis sentence is developed, the next issue commonly observed is the connection between the paragraphs and thesis. 


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Writers should focus on providing a clear and easy thesis statement. Students often commit numerous mistakes while connecting the thesis statement with the essay. This raises ambiguity and uncertainty in the essay. This is because the reader cannot easily relate the thesis sentence to the main body. Students should avoid making mistakes while connecting the thesis statement with paragraphs.     


Students should seek assignment help from trusted sources and teachers to avoid mistakes while connecting the thesis with paragraphs. Students should note common mistakes of connecting thesis sentences before writing the essay.


This is mandatory to avoid problems in the future. A writer should study and note the common mistakes conducted by students while connecting the thesis sentence with the essay. 


A written essay may turn complex and difficult to understand if the thesis statement is not accurately connected with the essay. There are certain points an essay writer should focus on while connecting the thesis statement with the essay.


A thesis sentence is also known as the root of the essay. Moreover, an unclear or complicated thesis sentence might give rise to ambiguity and reading issues.   


Following are some common mistakes students make while connecting the thesis sentence with the essay. 


An unclear or vague thesis sentence 


This is one of the most common mistakes students make. If the thesis sentence is unclear from the start the audience cannot maintain their attention in the essay. Moreover, all the hook statements also do not relate to the thesis claim due to unambiguity. 


Too long or too complicated thesis claims also raise ambiguity. 


If the thesis sentence is too complex and the reader faces issues while reading the thesis claim then this may have a bad impact on the overall essay. Moreover, wordy sentences also confuse the reader which resultantly weakens the argument or research the writer is trying to make.  


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Simple and obvious thesis claims 


If the sentence is too obvious or simple, it would make no sense to the reader. The thesis claim should be a little complex and should have such lessons, which attain the reader’s attention. Simple thesis sentences are perfect for junior classes, however, to attain readers’ attention in senior classes, the thesis statement should not be simple. 


The statement has no connection 


If the thesis statement is off-topic and does not relate to the essay it is then marked as an off-topic thesis claim. The thesis statement should relate to the topic of the essay and the purpose of writing the essay. All the facts and figures should be relatable.     


Selection of poor language and grammatical issues 


The thesis sentence is the most important part of the essay. It should be written in an appropriate format and with zero grammatical mistakes. This is because if there are too many grammatical issues in the thesis statement it might be difficult to understand.  


The thesis sentence does not complete three basic requirements 


A well-written thesis statement should have a well-defined topic, a clear claim, and reasons related to the claim. If the thesis claim lacks any of these points or all the points it is a wrongly connected thesis sentence. To write a clear and adequate thesis sentence it is essential to complete all three basic points.


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