The Evolving Apartment Culture in Islamabad

Change is the only permanent thing in this universe. The same applies to the outlook and residential setups of various cities. All big cities in the world are now known to have high rise buildings having a large number of Plot for sale in Islamabad . Islamabad is no exception. In the following lines, we will discuss some of the reasons why apartment culture has developed in Islamabad.

Growing Population 

Similar to all big cities, there has been an increase in the population of Islamabad. This increase is particularly triggered by a large number of people coming in for their jobs. A large number of people work in government offices in the city. There are students who study in various universities and stay in these flats. Most of these people are unable to afford a single independent house in various areas of the city. Growing population helps them because many people can live in a single flat at a given point in time and share the expenses.

Lesser Cost

As compared to an independent house, flats offer a lower cost of accommodation to people of the city. Firstly the covered area of a flat is less than an independent house which will mean lower expenses for utilities. Even if someone decides to buy a flat, it will cost much lower than an independent house. Another example can be given when the owner intends to whitewash the whole apartment, he will have to pay lesser costs and it will also be completed in a shorter time. The comparative costs of apartments on higher floors will be even lesser.


If you are living in an apartment that is part of a larger block, then there is a possibility that it would be equipped with certain features. There might be a pool, a gym, a play area etc. You would not have to spend a lot on this. On the other hand, you might be spending on these facilities if you own a house but hey, having a cookout in your lawn with your friends is a pleasure only house owners may enjoy. So if you prefer all these facilities that the apartments have to offer then why not have a lookout for the one that suits you. There might be an ideal apartment for sale in Islamabad just for you.


Security measures

More often than not, an apartment building would come with security guards and surveillance equipment to make the life of the inhabitants more secure. There might be several entrance points before you reach the main building making it even more secure. All these would have to be installed and paid by the house owners. But there is also a possibility that the building owners might ask for some monthly fee as well.


Location and transport

Finding a dream house is just that a dream. But there is a very big chance that you may not be able to find a hose in an area that you want to live in. Due to the increasing population, the choices might be restricted. On the other hand, if you plan to rent an apartment or buy it, there might be lots of choices in your preferred area. Also, apartment blocks may be situated at a convenient place where it might be easier to reach a bus stop or the local market. While all these sound great but the luxury of having your own garage and parking is unmatched in the scenario of living in a house. Parking when in an apartment living is a big pain.


So you may ask which one might be better than the other? Well, there is no one right answer. It all depends on your needs and preferences. Just look at the possibilities and make the right choice.


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