How Exponential technologies Will disrupt You and Your Business (guaranteed) | Mark Joyner


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63   5 months ago
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63   5 months ago
How can we bank on growth mindset when dealing with interferences in business? Mark Joyner brings this to light in this eye-opening discussion.
Video Notes:
Information complexity and the future of technology are constantly picking up speed at an exponential rate. In this episode, Mark talks about the “Big Five Phenomenon” in future technology and the technological threats that are likely to emerge.
The Complexity Gap - The space between the amount of information available and the amount of information a human can process.
Big Five Phenomenon - Everything is smaller, faster, more powerful, more available, and cheaper. With the advancements technology, it has become evidently simple to make automatic weapons with the use of 3D printers. Imagine creating a weapon of mass destruction right at your fingertips
While uncertainties in technological expansion cause concern, our self-awareness and growth mindset play key roles in welcoming new technology with confidence and hope.
We have to acknowledge that while technological expansion increases our capacity for good, it also increases the potential for destruction. This level of awareness will equip us to understand who we are as a species, form a better sense of responsibility for each other and overcome any uncertainty in the future.
Video timeline:
01:16 How to push yourself to improve
03:12 What is complexity gap in the process of information
04:48 The Big five phenomena
06:21 Mark Joyner gives an example of technological advancement
09:25 The unintended consequences of technology
11:35 Learn how to turn a blind eye to the potential perils
About Mark Joyner: “Godfather of Internet Marketing.” He is the pioneer of Internet marketing and he will be sharing ground breaking cutting edge marketing and business building strategy with you. Author of over a dozen books translated into 20+ languages. Several of which were #1 best-sellers. Including … The Irresistible Offer, Integration Marketing, The Worst Case Scenario Business Survival Guide, The Great Formula, and more. Serial entrepreneur with 30+ startups under his belt. Widely recognised as the “father of online marketing” for his pioneering work in the early days of the Internet. His startups include Aesop (the first ebook publishing company), ROIbot (the first online ad-tracking company and first client-side SAAS), SearchHound (the 2nd pay-per-click search engine, years before Google), StartBlaze (first ever traffic exchange system, the 36th most visited site in the world 6 weeks after its release), and more.
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