The BIGGEST Mistakes That Make People Hate Your Videos (and how to fix it) | Teun Van Der Lugt


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41   2 months ago
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41   2 months ago
Have you been on the lookout for a brilliant video production guide? Search no more! Tony is is here to impart his expert advice in making captivating videos
Video Notes:
In this era of ever expansive digital marketing, numerous content creation strategies are right at our fingertips. Many aspiring video influencers are on the search for excellent tips on video production to video editing, how to edit a video or how to make a youtube video.
In this episode, Tony highlights the importance of structure in making a video. Before fretting about the editing phase, understanding how to script a video is the most essential step in the entire content creation process
Here are the key elements to effective scripting:
Introduce the people will be part of it, the location or when it is being filmed.
Answer the WHY and paint a picture of what the video will be about.
Highlight the key learnings - Tell the viewers about what you got out of the entire experience; the exciting, memorable parts and how you felt about it.
When these key components are established and incorporated in the video production process, you’ll be well on your way to make compelling videos that will get your audience asking for more.
Video timeline:
01:37 The top 3 mistake people make while producing a video
05:49 What are the top advice for beginners who are just starting out with content creation
10:28 How you should structure your videos differently than a stage talk to make your viewers stick till the end
About Tony:
He is a Dutch Video producer who specialists in creating high-quality video content for entrepreneurs and companies in the personal growth niche. His clientele includes the likes of Vishen Lakhiani (Founder and CEO of Mindvalley the biggest personal development platform in the world) Gerard Adams (Founder of Elite Daily, sold for 50 million dollars) and Joel Brown (Founder of Addicted 2 Success largest personal growth blog in the world)
He currently resides in Amsterdam and has an video creation agency in Bali, Indonesia that creates videos for Lewis Howes (Author, Speaker and host of 'The School of Greatness with over 500k subscribers and 50M views on YouTube) Rob Dial (Speaker, Viral Video Creator) and Powerful U. If he is not editing his videos, he is traveling most of the time filming videos globally from L.A. to KL
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